Played by: Doctor W White

Item #: AO-XXXX

Object class: pending

Special Containment Procedures: Special Containment Procedures are still being designed and implemented, until that time, AO-XXXX is to be kept inside of a reinforced cell due to lack of knowledge on its abilities, devoid of sunlight. Ultraviolet lightbulbs shall be placed along with standard lighting within the cell. These lights are to be turned off by default, but activated to low levels in the event of misbehaviour.

Unless its containment procedures warrant it, AO-XXXX must not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Description: AO-XXXX is a carnivorous humanoid who survives off of blood, from any non-aquatic mammal, ideally human or porcine, although any will suffice. Most conventional weapons are largely ineffective against AO-XXXX due to a rapid “healing factor”, causing its flesh to quickly regenerate when damaged, although such a process becomes arduous on AO-XXXX after some time, eventually resulting in unconsciousness.

A strong sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, including and prominently sunlight is its prime weakness, along with a lack of pigment, leaves its skin very pale. Exposure to UV levels created by sunlight results in severe sunburns after about half an hour, with a strong stinging sensation whenever exposed. Stronger concentrations could be fatal.

further details are being acquired.

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