RSF character (1)

Character Name: RSF

Aliases: any SCP, sometimes containment squads

Played By: ( )

Position: parasitic jacket, will sometimes be seen helping contain, and protect scp's.

Background: a parisite that only wants one thing to help any Scp's in need.
when worn will influence the host's thoughts and action's until they go
insane in time. Proceeding this it will take control of the host and follow
it's own agenda.
has been seen using swords, and cannot use any other weopon by normal means
and has been known to be nonlethal.

powers: cannot be seen easily by normal humans unless by choice
has increased speed and reaction time, while still seeming to be intelligent.
even with a host the parasite cannot go forever. over the period of 10 years the body will
reject the parasite and continue into the phase of death known as rigor mortis. Due to this
the RSF will change form occasionally to avoid being rendered immobile to others.

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