Robert Tyler WIP

Name: Robert Tyler

Position: Forensics and Investigation expert

Security clearance: Level 2

Personality and Skills:
Robert Tyler is nothing short of a genius in some respects and well below average in others. He possesses unrivaled observational skills, abstract thinking, the ability to organize and coordinate large-scale events, planning, skill in nearly every form of visual art, as well as a sizable collection of Guy Fawkes Masks, each with an interesting backstory. He hangs them on his wall.

However, his social skills are lacking, despite his powers of observation, he often does not realize that he is confusing, aggravating, annoying or otherwise tormenting staff members, and he barely has a sense of empathy. The only person to whom Tyler seems to get along with fairly well is his long-time friend, Doctor William White, Who is constantly reminding him to be normal, with varying levels of success. Robert Tyler is a patient of several mental conditions, including anxiety and bipolar disorder, which are being treated by Foundation psychiatrists and therapists.

Although Tyler's grades were impeccable and his contribution to his high school was massive, his face and face were not very well known as anything remarkable. Preferring to stay behind the scenes, giving his elaborate plans to a select few, including Now-Doctor White, and having them carry them out for him. He was a member of site council, board of trustees, the 'real' Senior class president, essentially using the elected one as a 'puppet'. He managed to remain all but anonymous through all of these

Doctor William White was one of Tyler's associates and arguably his only friend in High School. Upon graduation, The two went their seperate ways, but, in a twist of fate, they were reunited at Site 19.

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