Riven Mercer

Character Name: Researcher Riven Mercer

Security Clearance: Level 2

Current Location: Site-19

Played By: Zyn

Description: Tall and well-built. Black spiky hair that falls almost to his shoulders, with a faint blue streak that apparently has an embarrassing story accompanying it. Middle twenties, generally wears short-sleeved shirts and is partial to gray cargo pants. Lab coat has a small dragon embroidered on the inside of the right-hand cuff (yes, he's pretty good with a needle).

Background: Riven was recruited from a university lab devoted to studying animal behavior, and was eventually assigned to work with Dr. Mark Kiryu in the anomalous item processing labs. He is Kiryu's right-hand man, and essentially babysits the place when Mark is out on assignment with SCP objects.

Though he is inevitably the one who eats all the extra snacks stashed in the office, Riven takes his work seriously and is often exasperated by the antics of his supervisor. To maintain an ideal professional environment, he makes it a point to be on good terms with everyone associated with Kiryu Labs. He also has a pet bearded dragon lizard named Crellan, who lives in the Labs' adjacent spare sitting room. Riven has convinced three people to act as backup caregivers for Crellan in case he is not able to feed him on time.

The person in the Foundation he's most familiar with (aside from his advisor/boss/bro?) is Zyn Kiryu, Mark's little sister. Riven's not too sure what to think of her, since he's still wondering how they're related given their difference in personality. There's also Agent Shen, who alternates between a super cool person and someone who lockpicks doors in potentially haunted museums. Riven is fairly certain he'll never know what to think about Kiryu Labs' lone assigned agent.

Roleplay appearances:
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