Richard Lee Mc D

Name: Richard Lee

Position: Billionaire, member of MC&D

Age: 12

Description: Is only roughly four feet tall, has some what short black hair which is well taken care of, and usually only wears traditional chinese outfits when doing business, which he usually is. When he's not, which is rare for him, he's usually wearing nicer clothes compared to most kids his age. His eyes are a light hazel color, and he's a little tan from all the time he's spent in exotic area's for business.

Background: His parents were big contributors for Marshall, Carter, and Dark when they were still alive. Fearing something may happen to Richard at any time, they taught him about how business is done, and how they deal with any attempts on people ambushing them during deals. He is a master of mixed martial arts, and has training in using most bladed weapons, and some firearms training. His main bodyguard is an ex-spetsnaz, and KGB agent named Natasha. She is also his personal assistant, along with being one of his only friends, and private tutor. His parents were killed when a deal turned bad and an SCP was released to kill them. He took control of the company after it was stated in their will that he would. He is a very mature child, not liking being treated like a kid and has more then one man killed for mocking him.

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