Rich Groberman


Name: Richard 'Rich' Groberman

Bio: Richard 'Rich' Groberman is a human male aged fourteen, with brown eyes and blonde hair. He was born in San Francisco, California, but was captured and raised in Foundation custody from ages ten until twelve, but somehow escaped and was miraculously recovered by Serpent's Hand members who happened to be passing at the time, near-dead from hypothermia, as he escaped during a blizzard. It is known that the Foundation is continuing its search for him. Because of this, he rarely leaves his safehouse or the Library. Although entirely aware of the location of his family, Groberman has made the firm, if highly reluctant, decision to never return to them, figuring that if the Foundation is waiting for him to do just that.

Since his escape, Groberman has spent his time in a safehouse located right next to a Way under the care of several patrons. He has attempted to teach himself some magical abilities that can be learned without any special traits, despite lacking the necessary resources to do so effectively, so far the most he has accomplished is one particular incident where he badly electrocuted himself while attempting to fire lightning bolts from his hands. Groberman considers this progress and continues to experiment despite being told not to.

Groberman doesn’t talk about his past much, saying it will only make him want to go home, and that he should focus on the present,. He has, however, said that he used to go hunting, and that was one of his favourite pastimes.

His hatred for the Foundation has not faded in the slightest, after all, they took him away from his family and kept him incarcerated for what would have been life, he claims they even beat him 'at least once'. Groberman speculates that the Foundation is larger than what he’s seen, and that there must be more like him, reasoning that he’s seen a lot of locked doors, and doesn’t know where any of them go, along with seeing a lot of people come and go. Whether he’s not the only one who can shift, or the others had different traits and abilities, he’s not sure. The years he was a captive of the Foundation have weighed down on him, leading to recurring nightmares about the Foundation taking him back. He tends to hide behind a facade of a positive and optimistic, if mischievous individual and tries to distract himself as much as possible, to disguise the fact that he’s completely broken on the inside. His true, more cold and almost twisted side tends to show when he’s angry or stressed.

Although Groberman certainly appreciates what the Serpent’s Hand has done for him, the only reason he shows gratitude is because he owes them more than he could ever repay. His true side is, in general, uncaring and sometimes even hateful, resulting in the occasional fit of rage, where he loses all grip on reality, believing himself to be superior to everything around him, and that the world owes him an apology.

Groberman wants nothing more than revenge against the Foundation. They destroyed his old life, his family thinks he died and he can never return to them, as much as he longs to. He’s convinced that there are more humans in containment, playing with the idea that he should dedicate his future to rescuing them. Although, recently he seems to be growing out of it, coming to terms with his life and realizing that there is little he can do about the Foundation, he’s not even sure if there are other human SCPs, but he believes there are.

”shifting”: Groberman possesses the ability to instantaneously move from one point to another by thought, so long as he is familiar with the area he is moving to. He calls this process “shifting”, because, to him, it doesn’t feel like how teleporting should, despite having no knowledge of true teleportation.

Groberman has pulled several harmless pranks in his time, the most notable occurred when in several areas of the Wanderer's Library, reports came in of what appeared to be a man-sized yellow teddy bear with a top hat and bowtie, and black, empty eyes sitting in a corpse-like position, where it wasn’t moments before, appearing at random in different wings, then disappearing moments later when a viewer looked away. The mystery was solved when it was discovered that Groberman was using his abilities to place 'Golden Freddy' down and move it when nobody was looking. When questioned, he claimed that this was 'just for the heck of it', although he was quick to apologize for any wrongdoing.

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