Winston Jacobs

Character Name: Winston Jacobs

Aliases: Jacob, Researcher J, Winston

Played By: Researcher Jacobs

Position: Head scientific researcher currently stationed at Site-77 and assistant director under Dr Lucien Starovsky.

Description: 1.7 meters tall, late thirties, thin, blonde mullet and thick goatee, rounded spectacles and usually clad in a white lab coat.

Background: Researcher Jacobs was recruited for the foundation seven years ago, and he has since went on to be elected as head researcher at Site-77 under the director, Dr. Lucien Starvosky, whom he has also become friends with.

Researcher Jacobs was originally assistant director at Containment Area 25b, however, during one considered "insignificant" breach, SCP-076-2 had forcefully smashed it's way through it's containment cell, in which Jacobs was knocked down and pinned to the floor by a large fragment of the wall frame. If not for intervention of heavily armed security forces, Jacobs would of been almost definitely killed. However, the sheer terror from this near-death moment had not fully left him. As of the incident, Researcher Jacobs is usually on full alert at all times, being completely restless, quick to overreact and constantly frustrated. He is also quite easily shocked (especially by sudden loud noises). However, remaining ever true to his duties, he has been widely considered a useful asset to the foundation as of his research and contributions.

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