Researcher Ryan Tola

Name: Researcher Ryan Tola

Played by: BryxBryx

Aliases: Ryan, Breadstick

Position: Level 2 General Researcher

Location: Site-19

Description: Researcher Ryan is 25 years old, a bit young for a Level 2. More or less a freelancer, helping out on a number of experiments. Stands at 5'6", with brown-blonde hair that starts out neatly combed and slowly turns into a mop over the course of the day as he runs his hand through it repeatedly. Nondescript in appearance otherwise. Slightly overweight. Has a penchant for food-based skips earning him the nickname, "Breadstick" among staff. He tends to be easily overlooked unless actively trying to make himself known. He's completely professional while on the job and cheerfully erratic off of it. If he has a fault, it's an overeager approach to utilizing the SCP's that he's currently working with. Never anything serious, no breaches ever recorded, but you hear stories…

Background: A self-described American mutt. Joined up with the Foundation as a Junior Researcher in the last year of college. Got his doctorate, and worked his way up, mostly by just staying on the sidelines, putting on a professional face, and never making enough of an impression on his superiors to give them a reason to dislike him. He's a new, young Level 2, making him an odd-job researcher practically by definition.

Guess what?

I know a secret.

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