Researcher V.A.Eisenberg

Character name: Vladim Alexeyevich Eisenberg, ктн.
Aliases: Vlad,
Played by: VAElynxVAElynx

Education: Specialist Diploma, Charkov Polytechnic, Candidate of Technical Sciences (к.т.н), Kyjev Polytechnic

Position: Researcher, Inorganic Anomalous Materials Section of Site 19. Personnel class C, security clearance level 31.

Description: Average height, heavyset (5'10'', 220lbs) Caucasian man in his 30s, short-ish straight black hair with a slightly receding hairline in the front, unremarkable face. Dresses unremarkably - usually seen in a well-worn labcoat, shirt (usually cube-pattern) and grey slacks with suspenders.

History: Born in Mukacevo, Ukrainian SSR. Two siblings - Older David agricultural engineer, currently unemployed, younger Leonid arrested in 199█ for claiming tax returns from fictitious trades. Studied materials science on Charkov Polytechnic.

Joined the Foundation in 1998 as a fresh graduate after being involved in joint research between the Foundation and the Ukrainian government relating to an outbreak of SCP-836. Done his post-gradual studies while working for the Foundation as one of the researchers overseeing production on Site-35.

After the [REDACTED] attack on Site-35, and resulting containment breach Researcher Eisenberg was one of the ██ survivors, found four days later in a janitor's closet in the administrative building, dehydrated, delirious, and hugging a stuffed lynx claiming it to be "Uncle Fedor from Volgograd".

He has since made a full recovery, and been assigned to Site-19, where he was responsible for indexing and coordinating research for objects discovered within Central and Eastern Europe, in addition to working as a part of the Anomalous Structural Materials Research Group.

Personality: Somewhat cynical and pessimistic, which after spending years in the Foundation's employ, and witnessing more than one FUBAR isn't exactly surprising. Still, it's better than civvie life back home, which would probably involve being unemployed; after all, most of his skills gained over the years pertain to materials the public doesn't even know exist. And ultimately, the work there is meaningful - there are things, which if they're researched properly, could bring humanity into a whole new age… and really, they're interesting of their own right.2
Usually the go-to person for a joke (gallows humour, quite often) among colleagues though - it turns out that acting cheerfulness feels almost as good as the real thing, at least for a time.

Other Info:
Has an office pet - "Nastasia" - an SCP-692-1 impregnated with a housecat. Usually stays in Vladim's office, sleeping on papers, playing with screws or random small pieces of kit, and hunting flies, spiders and the like. Somewhat distrustful of strangers.

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