Research Assistant Bolomey

Character Name: Kirsty Bolomey

Age: 20

Nicknames: Kirst, Rookie, Glasses

Played by: Kirsty Bolomey (go figure)

Position: Research Assistant. Clearance Level 1. Given Object 161-O as preliminary work.

Description: 4' 11'', round face, pale skin, dark brown hair, green-brown eyes, rounded rectangular glasses. Slight excess of weight. Present on wrists are tattoos of an ankh (right) and a devils trap from the popular civilian show "Supernatural"(left), which is a reworking of the Pentagram of King Solomon.

Base ensemble indicates a dedication to presentation; dress shirt and tie (often yellow), woollen blend skirt stopping just above the knees, pantyhose (skin coloured), black work shoes, and a white coat. Also, a discreet fox broach pinned to the lapel. The broach conceals a small audio and visual recording device. Sleeves will often be rolled up the forearms for comfort.

Background: Recently recruited after declining an offer from the GOC. Kirsty, her partner ██████, and two passengers were travelling along a busy Perth road on ██/██/20██. The driver of the vehicle, ██████, lost control and crashed into a tree, killing the two passengers instantly. Kirsty and her partner escaped with heavy injuries, ██████ later falling into a coma. GOC agents discovered that one of their own was one of the passengers killed in the crash, the other being a hemovore. While initially declining the offer, Kirsty fell into financial trouble several months later, went seeking one of their agents, and was guided to a Foundation agent instead.

Kirsty has basic knowledge of various occult procedures, which, coupled with the incident, might explain why the GOC was interested in recruiting her. Has also taken to internal conversation with herself, possibly an indicator of mild PTSD.

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