Quentin Jones

File HR-JONESQ1-0 (English version)

Name: Disinformation Officer Quentin Jones

Played by: TSATorTSATor

Character Concept: Writer of cover stories

Aliases: QJ, Quentin, DO Jones

Security Clearance: Level-2

Position: Consultant on anomalous writings, head of Montreal Disinformation Team.

Qualifications: BA (Oxon, Hons) in Media Studies, MA (Oxon) in Broadcasting, PhD (Oxon) in Literature

Date of Birth: 4th of December 1980

Physical Appearance: Quentin is 201cm and 90kg. He has grey eyes and dyed brunette hair with just the hint of a red root if you look closely enough.

Other distinguishing traits: Speaks with a Received Pronunciation accent.

Personal History: Born in Inverness, Scotland in the 1980s, Quentin Jones grew up with tales of Nessie from a young age. This lead to a lifelong fascination with cryptids of all sorts. His family (his father Robert, mother Brenda and older sister Agatha) were fairly wealthy, as his parents are former owners of a Welsh coal mine in Caerphilly, and possessed upwardly mobile ideas. Quentin's parents decided to send him to a minor boarding school in hopes that he'd grow out of his obsession with Nessie. The plan failed, but he had met the requirements Oxford University required for a Scottish student to enter as a Zoology major.

Quentin switched his studies to Media on the recommendation of the professor leading the Zoology major, and attempted to make a Ghost Hunting show as part of his Masters project.

Quentin has earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Literature. His thesis tied together his previous university-level studies with subjects appropriate to the course and included comparing some works with their adaptation into other media.

Quentin is based at Site-99 in Montreal where he deals with Disinformation Campaigns as part of their "Canadian Press Office" and holds the job title of Quebec Press Officer. He is in charge of the employees working on disinformation at the site. His immediate superior is in Toronto, which is the nearest premises using the Skeptics of Conspiracy and the Paranormal front, for which he officially works. Quentin also consults on written SCPs that are not languages or memes, as well as those that directly affect fictional narratives.

In addition to English and Scots Gaelic, Quentin is fluent in the Canadian dialect of French as a result of his studies. He can sign passibly in both British Sign Language and the official Canadian French Sign language and knows a few basic signs in Canadian English. His qualifications include SCE French.

His position requires interacting with speakers of Arabic, Quebec's third most widespread language. He is currently using Foundation translators for this but is also enrolled on an internal course to learn it himself.

Highlights from File HR-JONESQ1-1 (English version):

Quentin's hobbies include watching his favourite Scottish gamer, voxel craft games and board games of all types. He also maintains his interest in the public versions of cryptids and subscribes to the Fortean Times, as mentioned in the main file this is predominately caused by living in Inverness - reputed home of the Loch Ness Monster - from 1980 to 1991 but the BBC Scotland cartoon Family Ness on the subject was also a contributing factor.

Quentin is a perfectionist but has realised in the eighteen months he's been with the Foundation this can sometimes be a liability - he is working on this. His parents raised him to expect certain standards, so he can be rather snobbish as a result. He's used to getting his own way but is starting to realise this happens less often in a Foundation environment.

Jokes about Indian Jones and the Aqua song "Dr Jones" have grown stale although someone has locked the ringtone on his personal mobile to the latter. Other humourous comments on this basis are met with good grace - and if their actually funny, laughter. Quentin's sensibility in jokes normally runs along the sort of thing you see printed on chocolate wrappers. He rarely gets satire and doesn't enjoy observational humour.

Quentin's favourite genre of music is 1990s Girl Power. He also likes Europop and only dislikes "Dr Jones" due to overexposure.

Quentin detests the flavour of cauliflower as it brings back memories of school dinners - the site of both it and broccoli cause this reaction to a lesser extent. He has however mastered the art of the crème anglaise (or so he claims) to overcome a similar reaction to custard and will only eat desserts he has made personally.

Highlights from Psych Report PY-JONESQ1-0

Quentin dyes his hair because he took rude comments made at boarding school personally and doesn't trust others not to pass comment on its natural red colouration. Since starting these sessions we have convinced him to trust his own team with this secret.

In addition to the standard issues with school dinners and their association with homesickness, the most embarrassing incident Quentin has discussed to date involves a portion of Cauliflower Cheese left uneaten by another student being applied to an undisclosed body part - this has lead to his aversion to the sight of it and similar vegetables - it is theorised he would not react to varieties that lacked florets. The flavour causes flashbacks to the incident and we are exploring whether we can counter these apparently psychosemetic effects with conventional counseling.

We have yet to discover any reason other than the school dinners for Quentin's dislike of custard and his refusal to eat desserts made by others.

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