Pvt. Martin Johnson

Character Name: Pvt. Johnson

Aliases: Martin Johnson, Johnson, Johnny.

Played by: TheTargetMaster

Position: Assigned to patrol/sentry duty, Escorting personnel.

Clearance: Level 3

Service number: 11002897

Known Skills: Leadership skills, advanced hand to hand, advanced weapon proficiency, advanced field-craft, advanced driving, advanced medical training.

Age: 39.

Description: Tall and bulky with short blak hair. Scarred physically from previous battles in middle eastern battleground. He has very strong attitude towards people who are wrong or get things wrong but he does enjoy jokes with fellow personnel. He wears standard sentry and patrol uniform whle on duty, while off duty he prefers to wear a grey or silver sports jacket, charcoal black jeans and grey or black shoes. Assigned to site security team, his actions range from simple personnel escorts, to site defense against enemy combatants.

Background: Johnson was born in the heart of the UK, London. After finishing full time education, he pursued a career within the armed forces at the age of 23 where he became a respected Lieutenant. He fought since the beginning of the war in Iraq and continued the conflict in Afghanistan. Johnson developed his skills in the field and became a formidable combatant. He was efficient and brutal in combat, he was well respected as a loyal and unforgiving soldier, his almost blind loyalty made him into the ultimate soldier. During a fierce battle he barely dodged an explosion where he gained terrible burns. He awoke in the field hospital to find that they had operated on him with artificial skin in an attempt to allow the burns to heal faster, however he had been medically and honourably discharged.

After his wounds had healed and he had been deemed healthy enough, Johnson continued his military career into the Royal Marines, during training he came top of his class in all methods of training. Shortly after he completed his training, he was approached by Foundation operatives who were interested in his previous exploits and offered him a place on the security team.

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