Pvt. Daniel Couplet

Name: Daniel Jack Couplet

Nickname/Alias(s): Shorty, Private, Rook.

Played By: Alphaghost5253

Clearance: Level 1

Appearance: 5'9"ft Tall, Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Usually wears standardized military attire, has some freckles, reported to look "proper and tidy"

Position: A recent addition to Tactical Response Personnel at Site-19. Promoted from guard duty [DATA EXPUNGED].

Background: Recruited from a infamous mercenary group associated with several anomalous items, most of which have yet to be contained by The Foundation, after assisting Foundation Personnel with the containment efforts of several Euclid-Class Items. Being the only one of the mercenary group to survive, Daniel was offered a position within Foundation ranks and was promised shelter from any sort of punishment for his crimes, mostly composed of murders of political officials and the theft of highly guarded secrets. Due to Foundation protocol, Daniel must prove loyalty to The Foundation enable to advance his position. Currently, he has received only 1 promotion due to Incident [DATA EXPUNGED], where Daniel assisted in the re containment of several Euclid-Class Items.

Other Information:
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin Tone: Light Caucasian
Personality: Quiet, Generally very philosophical in nature

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