Professor T. Argus

Character name: Theodore Argus.

Aliases: Professor Argus,Ted.

Played by: Lazarus Taxon

Role: Retired history teacher , Serpent's Hand member and historic consulent.

Description: Quite tall and a little overweight, pale skinned, gray hair and brown eyes, on the sixties. Most often seen in a jacket or one cape from his astonishing collection of strange shirts.

Personality: Despite being well know both in the Serpent's Hand and in his former University for his grumpyness, he's ever ready to help someone, whatever the matter is, albeit many questioner are often discouraged by his academic tone and his pomposity, heritage of his years as a teacher.

Background: When Theodore was a student, he found in the basement of his University a door that led him to the Wanderers' Library, where he sympathized with the cause of the Serpent's Hand. In the following years Theodore lived a double live between the Library and his job, crossing many ways and visiting many places, eventually becoming a trusted member of the Serpent's Hand. Now that Theodore has retired from teaching, he has a lot of free time, all to be spent for the cause of the Hand.

Abilities: Theodore isn't exactly the more fit man in the Hand, but compensate his bad phisique with a very active mind. However, he's not completely harmful: after many years at the Library he took the good habit of keeping a silver knife at reach of hand, alongside a burglar kit, that he earned in rather questionable conditions…

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