Professor North

Name: Joeseph E. North

Age: 32 Years

Aliases: Joseph, Joe, North, Professor North,

Played By: Patriotic North

Position: Lead Professor of SCP D.A.E.H.R. (Division of Anomaly Explanation, History, and Research), Head of in-field research and discovery team IFRD-Alpha, and "discovery expert"

Description: Six foot Seven inches in height, dark blue eyes, medium cut brown hair. Mostly seen in a brown leather jacket.

Background: Graduated at the age of 23 at Yale with a PhD in physics, North moved back to his home in Minnesota and spent 2 years drifting between jobs. But when he was 25, North was invited for an expedition in Greenland from an older friend. After a month with a research team studying land masses off the coast of Greenland, he invited again for a similar expedition in northern Russia. For 4 years, North traveled the globe as a geologist, studying different extreme climates and land forms. At the age of 29, the SCP Foundation contacted him because of his well written research.

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