Prof. Corin Billiards
Professor Corin Billiards

Character Name: Professor Corin Billiards
Aliases: Prof
Played By: Castle_BravoCastle_Bravo
Position: Professor of Ethics (former), Psychology (former) and Political Philosophy (former), Custodian, Social Committee Member (Custodial Engineer Representative)
Security Clearance: Level 4 (Site Access), Level 1 (Data Access)
Field Status: None

Description: Professor Billiards is always seen wearing blue custodian overalls with a mop and bucket close at hand. He is 5'7 but walks with a stoop and had a lean frame that is slowly filling out with weight gained from relative physical inactivity. He is in his early 50's with mostly white hair and a thick white mustache. Hums classical music while mopping, enjoys chit chat and loves to debate, often to play devil's advocate.

History: Professor Billiards has long worked as a consultant to The Foundation. His areas of research focused on the American prison system and was somehow involved in the D-Class Personnel department. Six years ago he resigned his teaching positions and joined the Foundation on a permanent basis. Shortly thereafter he suffered a nervous breakdown. He is currently a member of the Custodial staff and the Social Committee, who often organizes potlucks and an annual 'Finest Marshmallow and Toothpick Construct' Contest on April 2nd of every year.

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