Character Name: Povak

Played By: Povak

Affiliation: Unidentified Group of Interest

Description: Tall middle-aged male with black hair and dark eyes. Face is usually covered. Presumed to be of Asian descent.

Background: Not much is known about the name "Povak"; it has no meaning in any culture or media, simply serving as an alias. As for the person, first reports of him came up in 1992, of attempted raids on a small number of Groups of Interest, including the Chaos Insurgency, the Fifth Church, and the GOC. As expected, the infiltrators were after any anomalous objects in their possession. In the following years this group continued to target organizations related to the paranormal, but it seemed to avoid heavily guarded bases.

Eventually, a squad of these looters were apprehended by members of the GOC in a failed raid. Interrogation and torture revealed their leader's name, and a loose message of their motives, something related to "seeking knowledge of the paranormal." The prisoners' statuses are unknown; perhaps they are still detained, or were executed.

This group lead by Povak is definitely organized, noted by their uniforms and military-like coordination. Still, it seems that their capabilities aren't too formidable, which is why they have been targeting the least protected of locations. Povak himself is a strange leader. He doesn't speak much, even to those under his command, and that creates a weakness in communication. The group may have gained more influence over the years, and more members. Perhaps they'll become more braver, and target even the SCP Foundation.

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