Pip wakes up from a nap

Character Name: Hypatia "Pip" Elliott
Concept: Affectionate, uncomplicated housecat

Played By: Photosynthetic

Description: A shorthaired female domestic cat of no discernible breed. Her fur is orange tabby, with a white chest, white paws, and delicate white "eyeliner". She's about twelve, plus or minus six months, and a casual touch reveals the beginnings of that brittle thinness common to elderly cats.

Position: Chelsea Elliott's cat; legal resident of Site-19

Background: Abandoned right about when she stopped being a kitten, Pip survived on the streets for a few weeks before luckily being taken in by an animal shelter. Chelsea Elliott adopted her when she was about a year and a half old, and the pair have been life partners (or so Chelsea jokes) ever since.

Personality: Cuddly, affectionate, and talkative, Pip knows what she wants — usually food or snuggles — and will always let her human know about it. She and Chelsea have each other well trained. In her youth, she was very playful (and quite the escape artist), but those tendencies have faded a lot with age… not that she won't still go a little batty under the influence of 'nip.


  • Chelsea Elliott: The adoration is mutual, albeit a bit more demanding on Pip's end. They dote on each other; Pip is always a little lost when her human's away (who will I sleep on now?!), and greets her enthusiastically when she returns.
  • Candace Kiergen: Chatty lady. Whatever. The cat has little interest.

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