Patrick Geoghegan


Played by: kreutzkevic



Hair colour: brown, short
Eye colour: dark brown
Complexion: fair, freckly
Build: stocky
Weight: 251 pounds (114 kg)
Height: 6' 4" (192 cm)
Blood Type: A+
Languages: English, Français (French)
Date of birth: 9th of April, 1974

Education: Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialized as International Welding Technologist
Foundation position: Containment Specialist / Inspector (promotion to Senior Containment Specialist pending)
Clearance level: 2 (level 3 pending)
Classification: C (B pending)
Assigned to: Foundation sites worldwide, in compliance with classification and clearance level.
NOTE: ex-employee of Prometheus Labs, Inc., recovered and inducted after the 01/09/1998 incident.


Patrick “Piker” Geoghegan is a stocky, slightly scruffy-looking man. Permanently overworked, badly shaven and often ill-tempered from jetlag, he carries out a lot of the planned containment inspections on sites all over the world. Travelling from site to site for years on end has taken its toll on him, which shows in the creases of his face and the more or less permanent bags under his eyes.

Most of the time he runs around wearing his Nomex1 overalls, standard PPE2 and his backpack containing various inspection tools. Rarely making eye contact with the people he passes or scowling at them if he does, he is generally hurrying towards the next equipment in need of inspection.

On the back of his helmet there’s a sticker with the Australian flag and the slogan “No Worries, She’ll Be Right”.

He is badly in need of a drink, a raise and a vacation


Patrick is churlish, sarcastic and gruff. He is, however, excellent at his job and has a very good track record: there are numerous cases on file where he has identified (unknown) damage mechanisms and other problems with various containments, on occasion in the nick of time.

He lives for his job and isn’t afraid to tread on toes, kick down doors and antagonize people in order to ensure excellent quality, structural integrity and safety of any containment unit. He rarely has to do so, however, because most people at the Foundation see the benefits of making sure most SCPs stay where they are.

Being an unsociable person with a tendency to rub people the wrong way, Patrick has nevertheless earned the respect and begrudging appreciation of his direct colleagues for his meticulousness and his bull-headed tendency to keep going when the going gets tough. He even has a relationship with a few people that can pass for amicability in a poor light. Or as he says himself: “Strain the flamin’ cows, mate! It’s London to a brick that nobody likes an inspector.”


Patrick was contacted by Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. during his last term at Wollongong University. After his graduation in June 1998 he took them up on their offer and started working at Prometheus’ main laboratory a month and a half later.

He was hired by and placed in the team of Dr. Brewer Ramsey.

Ramsey buried Patrick in paperwork and plebeian jobs. However, the pile of files handed to him by Ramsey mistakenly contained the plans of the containment from the apparatus now known as SCP-1781. After studying the design data and the drawings, Patrick uncovered some serious structural flaws in the basic set-up of the containment.

Pressured, cajoled and manipulated by Ramsey, Patrick reluctantly complied to look the other way. On the 1st of September, after wrestling with his conscience and professional honour, Patrick decided to go over his superiors’ head, not knowing that the start-up was planned that day.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The machine was started at 1100 hours, leading to the explosion. Patrick looked for Ramseys’ body in the aftermath but couldn’t find him.

Patrick suspects with every inch of his body that Ramsey, who designed and directed the building of the containment personally, sabotaged the project on purpose for reasons unknown.

He is ashamed about his role in the event, and denies the event mostly so others won’t judge him. Only he and a select few know of his part in the event, and he means to keep it that way.

Patrick swore he would never be strong-armed into turning a blind eye again.

There’s a lingering doubt about the fate of his mentor. His body was never recovered but if Ramsey isn’t dead, Patrick would gladly finish the job.


As a survivor of the 01/09/1998 incident at Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. he was picked up by the SCP’s on-scene Mobile Task Force, transferred to the nearest Site, interviewed, evaluated, re-educated and enrolled as a Junior Containment Specialist.


In the years following the Prometheus incident Patrick has proven to be a valuable asset to the Foundations’ technical staff. His abilities and expertise have, at times, been crucial in preventing the breach of containment and he got promoted from Junior Containment Specialist to Containment Specialist/Inspector fairly quickly.

Patrick feels he is indebted to the Foundation for recognizing his talents and giving him a new chance to work with cutting-edge and top-secret technology. He thinks it necessary to repay them by delivering the best possible quality of his work but this doesn’t mean he’s got to be nice about it.


Patricks’ promotion request is pending and is planned for review. He has proven himself to be a valuable technical asset but much depends on him developing improved relationships with Foundation personnel.


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