Pacificus Avondrood

Pacificus Avondrood

Pac (pronounced like "pack")

Played by:
Mirte Greijdanus

Level 3 Agent in the Internal Security Department

Caucasian American male, 33 years old, 5'9 ft. tall, 150 lbs, strong built body with some muscles but not buff (average muscle mass), brown eyes, short brown hair.

Pacificus Avondrood was a former detective of internal affairs.
He got his degree in law when he was 21 years old and was known in his city as a person who was as calm and cold like a winter breeze whenever he was at work but was also always eagerly investigating the cases he got assigned to.
Outside of work he was the complete opposite of how he was in the office.
He had a few close friends he always liked to hang and joke around with and was a real family man.
The little kids in his neighborhood always liked to listen to his thrilling investigation stories of cases he had worked on and that were already closed (which were a bit exaggerated of course for the sake of keeping it interesting for the kids).
He got engaged to his girlfriend Aylin Falleth when he was 26 years old.
Aylin was four months pregnant with his child at the time they got engaged.
The day she was rushed to the hospital to give birth the ambulance got in a car accident that killed the ambulance personnel and Aylin with the baby.
Pacificus was at work in his office at the time of the accident and rushed to the scene when he caught wind of it.
He was completely devastated to find out both his wife and child had died.
Being unable to concentrate on his work Pacificus quit his job as a detective and turned to alcohol hoping to forget the reality around him.
Two years later he decided to finally pick up his old documents since he figured the department he worked at didn't need them anymore, but not before snooping around the other documents a bit just for the sake of nostalgia.
He tried to find the documents of the people he had worked together with before just to see how they were doing since he had lost all contact with them.
After about half an hour of looking through documents an agent of the SCP Foundation who came to pick up some documents as well asked him what he was doing since he thought it was suspicious how Pacificus was rummaging through all the documents.
Pacificus explained that he was just looking for the documents from his old friends just to see if there was something new.
Since Pacificus always had a thing for being able to make quick friends with people when he wanted to, he and the agent started up a friendly conversation and hung out with each other in the building for a little while.
Pacificus was telling things about his old job and what he had to go through.
He admitted that he sometimes missed his job and felt that the alcohol was slowly destroying him but his old workplace reminded him too much of the past.
The agent, after a few minutes of thinking, then offered him a job at the SCP Foundation as a security guard since they had lost quite a few men recently and he thought that Pacificus would do a good job seeing that he was a former detective of internal affairs.
Of course Pacificus was eager to accept the offer.
He was put through a rehab first to get rid of his alcohol addiction before he could officially start his new job.
It was pretty though for him, but he manged to bite through it without too many complications.
Pacificus has worked in the facility for five years now and managed to get promoted to an agent for the Internal Security Department, but other than that he never stood out of the crowd.
The people who have worked with him have described him as cold and distant and advised others to stay away from him due to his lack of interest in socializing and cold attitude while others say that he is actually a pretty nice guy once you take the time to get to know him better.

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