Name: Omega

Species: Bioweapon

Age: 2 (chronologically) 19 (biologically)

Power: Can form firearm barrels from any part of her body and fire nearly any kind of caliber bullet formed in a specialized organ in place of her appendix. Bullets do take a small time to form in higher caliber, and can run out after a small amount of time if rapid firing with higher caliber rounds. Has enhanced speed and strength, just like her sister, but she is much faster in place of some of her strength.

Bio: The second of two Successful stable bioweapon projects. Where her sister Alpha is imperfect for her temper, Omega isn't, she has no temper, she is calm on the battlefield, and very precise. She is tired of also defusing her sisters fights one way or another…. She's also tired of Xeno's annoying ideals which she doesn't fully agree with. She does stay with Xeno because she cares for her sister far too much… at least for now.

Weapons of choice: Her firearms formed by her body.

Appearance: 5'7" tall, wears a hoodie with devil wings on the back, has slightly longer hair then her sister but its black. She has Sapphire colored eyes.

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