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Name: Neil Emmet O’Connor

Position: Head of the U.S. Political Affairs sub-department. His duties include acting as a political liaison between the Foundation and the U.S. government, examining proposed U.S. legislation, determining its impact on the Foundation’s operations, and organizing lobbying efforts on behalf of the Foundation (both direct ones and ones initiated through dummy corporations) among many others. Security Clearance Level 4 (Top Secret).

Physical description: Non-anomalous, white male. 5’7’’ tall, medium complexion, medium build, blue eyes, neatly cut, gray hair. Most often seen wearing dark gray business suits. Has a preference for blue ties.

Attitude: Smooth, plainspoken, and direct. Staffers in the U.S. Political Affairs sub-department have described him as calm, thoughtful, and responsible. O’Connor has displayed a fastidious and uncompromising streak when it comes to performance which he claims stems from an unyielding dedication to the Foundation’s goals and ideals. He enjoys argumentative, issue-focused discussions - preferably with persuasive, intelligent conversational partners. O’Connor has shown a low tolerance for fanfare and ostentatiousness, preferring simplicity and traditionalism both on and off the clock.

Notable features ((short background)):

- B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Chicago; J.D. from Yale University
- part of a wealthy family with Chicago roots
- ex-White House Chief of Staff and major political player for the Democratic Party
- skilled political operative with a strong intuition for politics and extensive institutional knowledge
- relentlessly loyal to the Foundation
- respectful and deeply appreciative of diligent staff members that take the time to follow procedures to the smallest detail
- history is his hobby; takes pride in knowing minor historical trivia related to late 19th century U.S. politics
- alcoholism runs in his family - a fact that made him swear off alcohol in his mid-twenties
- divorced with two children; his ex-wife and his children live together in Chicago; tries to get as much time with his children as his job will allow him
- stickler for deadlines
- huge Sam Cooke fan

Neil Emmet O’Connor Background File ((long background)):

Neil Emmet O’Connor was born in the Chicago metropolitan area on March 16th, 1956. He's the eldest of the three children the wealthy O'Connor family had. His father was a corporate lawyer with a very lucrative practice and his mother worked as a neurologist in Wesley Memorial hospital. She eventually became head of neurology after Wesley Memorial merged with Passavant Memorial to form Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

O’Connor's parents were deeply involved both in local and national politics. They were very important financial supporters of the Democratic Party. As such, Neil O’Connor grew up immersed in the world of politics and he developed a keen interest in it during his late teens. He entered the University of Chicago in 1974 and double majored in Political Science and Economics. It's here that he met Margaret Williams - an anthropology student he would marry after completing his undergraduate degree. He graduated summa cum laude in 1978 and then proceeded to earn a law degree from Yale University, graduating in 1981. During his time in college, he demonstrated a sharp political intuition and a deep understanding of the institutional inner workings of the U.S. government. He also showed a predilection for U.S. political and economic history, especially during the late 1800s.

After earning his J.D., O’Connor started getting professionally involved in politics by working on Democratic city council campaigns, Illinois state house and senate campaigns, and U.S. House and Senate races. After about three years, he hit his first real break in politics when he was hired as deputy campaign manager for a competitive state senate race in 1984. The candidate won and O’Connor became the State Senator’s Chief of Staff when the campaign manager refused the position.

O’Connor left this position next year when a friend of his father’s decided to run for the U.S. House in 1986. O’Connor was offered the position of campaign manager. His candidate won by a margin of 700 votes. After his narrow victory, O’Connor began gathering clout on the national political stage. He served as an aide to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce where he focused on labor policy. After that, he worked as a senior policy adviser to several prominent Democratic Senators and Representatives while also running a private law practice.

In 1994, he was hired by the White House as one of the President’s senior policy advisers. In 1996, he became Deputy White House Chief of Staff after his predecessor was appointed Secretary of the Treasury. Two years later, he assumed the office of White House Chief of Staff when the person before him retired due to health reasons.

It's at this point that O'Connor's marriage started falling apart. The need to live in Washington, D.C., his dedication to his work, and his crowded schedule left little time for Margaret (who was by this point a professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago) and their two children, Spencer and Mitchell. The promotion to White House Chief of Staff was the final nail in the coffin of their marriage. Feeling neglected and overlooked, Margaret O'Connor filed for divorce in 1998. Neil O'Connor reluctantly signed the papers a few months later. He still tries his best to keep in touch with his family. Whenever he can get a few days away from Washington or his office at Site-19, he spends them in Chicago with his children and his ex-wife. These visits are few and far between, but O'Connor has said that they make him "as happy as [he] can get".

O’Connor attracted the attention of the Foundation after his promotion to White House CoS. His position granted him codeword clearance and he was informed of the existence of the Foundation. During his time as WH CoS, he was extremely cooperative with the Foundation and became very supportive of its worldwide operations. When O’Connor left his position at the White House in 2000, the Foundation offered him a senior political adviser position which he accepted. A few years later, he was appointed head of the U.S. Political Affairs sub-department by the director of the Foundation’s Department of External Affairs. O'Connor holds this position to this day.

Note: During the three year period after O'Connor's graduation from Yale, he attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a total of three times with his brother. It is unclear whether O'Connor has ever had an alcohol problem, however his family history reveals that several of his relatives were alcoholics. O'Connor himself has called alcoholism his "family curse" on several occasions. Should O'Connor exhibit any signs of alcohol abuse, they should be immediately reported to the director of the Department of External Affairs.

Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment: ISTJ

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