Nathan Langley

Name: Nathan Langley

Aliases: Sgt. Langley (not preferred)

Played By: Dr Tall

Age: 37

Qualifications: Ex member of the Australian Army.

Position: Head of Mobile Task Force; Theta 29 "Chasers"

Personal History: Nathan was born in Sydney, Australia to Sasha (Friedman) Langley and Marcus Langley. During his high school years, Nathan took interest in folklore, urban legends, and hunting. At the age of 18 he joined the Australian Army and had 5 enlistments. During the first two years he saw only excersices and simulations most of which being combat or survival orientated. Nathan later on took a test similar to the survivalists challenge and passed with the highest score that has come out of Australia. Nathan also excelled majorly at tracking challenges being able to track most any animal and also able to track humans. During his third and fourth enlistment, Nathan was stationed in Guatemala doing peacekeeping work.

Nathan started as a private at the Foundation and was first assigned to MTF Hotel 17 "Janitors" who specialized in SCP cleanup work but quickly asked to be moved saying he felt his "skills were not being utilized". He then was moved to the "Chasers" who specialized in the tracking and initial containment of SCP objects ranging from small items, to humanoids, to medium sized creatures. After a few years and the unfortunate event that lead to the loss of the team's leader, Nathan became the head of the Chasers, having proven himself over the years, and was promoted to Sergeant.

Nathan now has over 100 anomalous item captures cataloged as well as a handful of enemy GOI raids.

Description: 6'2" (1.88) with a medium build. Lightly tan with scars across most of his body. Dirty blonde hair worn as a crew cut. Usually wears khaki colored clothing underneath armor and prefers not to wear his helmet but will if the situation calls for it.

Personality: Very stern and usually keeps to himself. Does not enjoy conversation and usually is quiet. When asked about this he states that his work requires silence and concentration and so prefers such.

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