Sgt. Watson

Character Name: Sgt. Watson

Aliases: MTF Leader Lambda-6, Lambda-6-1, Lambda-6 leader, Watson

Played By: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish

Position: Leader of MTF Lambda-6, trained in hand to hand combat, gun proficiency, advanced driving, mechanics and stealth tactics.

Description: Tall and muscular with short grey hair and green eyes, Sgt. Watson bears the physical and mental scars of working in the middle-east. Despite his appearance, he is relatively relaxed and enjoys a good joke and chat however when it comes to work he has zero tolerance for messing around.

Background: After the loss of his squad during the middle east conflict, Sgt. Watson retired from the military and spent the next few years working as a car mechanic. The Foundation approached him with a job offer after reviewing his previous missions. After helping with the successful capture of numerous SCP's he was promoted to MTF Leader of his own task force Lambda-6. Their mission, classified.

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