Mr. X
A painting of Mr X.

Name: Mr. X

Played by: Baldur Uudan

Aliases: Sir, Boss.

Allegiance: Black Phoenix Organization

Age: Unknown

Description: Mr X is an average build and well postured man. He is never seen without a white, faceless mask used to conceal his identity. His other clothes vary from suits to cloaks, always with most if not all of his skin covered. No living man knows the true identity or complex physical characteristics of Mr. X.

Background: Mr X is the founder and leader of the Black Phoenix Organization, a group of over 2000 mercenaries and guns-for-hire. His age, family, and ethnicity are all unknown, although his accent is that of a British man.

Motto: Nothing personal, just business.

Note: This man and his organization have proven to be dangerous if hired by the wrong people, such as the Chaos Insurgency. Termination has been approved by direct order of the O5 council.

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