Mr McDaniels

Character Name: Mr McDaniels [Formerly Agent Mick McDaniels]

Age: 31

Nationality: Scottish American

Aliases: You, Get Over Here, Clean This Up

Played By: Matherson

Position: General purposes Janitor, Electrical and Sanitation Engineer [Former agent of MTF Beta-7]

Description: A man of looming presence, though stunted growth from working with Class A pollutants doesn’t help to accentuate this.
Brown hair, brown eyes and brown beard [with no other real distinguishing features] makes him a little difficult to pick out of a lineup.
Also wears glasses. Sometimes.

Background: McDaniels originally came to the Foundation as part of MTF Beta-7's armed recon division and was involved in the tracking and containment of SCP-199 and SCP-989, as well as assisting in the containment of SCP 274.

However, O5 command deemed him unfit for duty after his seeming attachment to SCP-811 [Nobody should play catch with an SCP. I don't care if it's cute] which led to an unfortunate incident involving 811’s pollutants and the Site Director’s middle two fingers.

McDaniel’s prowess in the containment of pollutants and biological anomalies however, saved him from the administration of class A amnesiac or immediate termination, and was instead demoted to containment centre sanitation staff.

McDaniels now essentially operates as a mail order Janitor, and does everything from changing lightbulbs to cleaning out the Keter cells.

He is under a deep impression that O5 command intended this as a fate worse than death that would get past the Ethics Committee…

He's just a Janitor. Pay no attention to him.
-Site Director █████

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