Ms. Hamilton

Name:Abby Hamilton

Aliases: 427-3 (by the computers)

Played by: The Dark Volt

Security Clearance: General L-3

Position: Senior Researcher

Current Location: Site-19

Description: Tall (5' 1"), fair skined woman. Wears glasses. Brown hair, blue eyes.

Age: 30.

Usual outfit: White shirt, brown pants, usually with her radio and key card in a pocket.

Experience: University degree, PhD, plenty of "field work" as she calls it.

Background: Ms. Hamilton was a former head of a private lab company named [REDACTED]. Said company was also a forerunner in scientific research until a scandal thanks to some people plagiarizing shut it down. She became largely forgotten for about a week. After that period of time, she was recruited.

Personality: While loyal to the Foundation and willing to follow orders, she isn't above acting differently if evidence strongly suggests it's a good idea. She also seems to enjoy her job, but because of her usual formal personage, no one can really tell.

Pet peeves: Termination. She thinks it's not really needed most of the time.

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