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Character Name: Morcant (Pronounced and commonly spelled “Morgan”)

played by: Doctor W. White

Description: Although Morcant appears to be around 20, his exact age can only be guessed at, what is known for sure is that he is much older than that. He stands at about 6'3 and is very slender, short blonde hair, and the usual pointed ears and paleness, characteristic of an eldar.. Morcant is known for being arrogant and short-tempered.

Although largely independent, Morcant does have a loose affiliation with the Serpent's Hand, he can be seen in the Wanderer's Library every so often, usually there to silently read in several unknown languages.

Morcant is an excellent singer and dancer, and he plays many musical instruments, and listens to a wide variety of music, even translating 'Gangnam Style' into his native language. Along with a seemingly infinite amount of talent of visual art, from film and animation to literally animating his works of art, though he doesn't do that any more, not after one of them broke his neck and killed him. Literature is another favourite, although he shows great distaste at the Artemis Fowl series, in his own words 'it mocks me'. Another speciality is wine, Morcant can tell the age, refining process, the type of grape and any other details with remarkable precision. Fortunately, Morcant seems to be immune to intoxication.

despite his poor connection, with help of some equipment, A blink pack and a psychic gauntlet, which focuses all of his psychic energy into one spot in his palm, allowing for vastly enhanced psychic abilities

Usually, Morcant spends his time in solitude, in his home, deep underground, somewhere beneath the Marin Headlands. The interior has been described as full of paintings and sculptures, perfectly polished stone walls and cluttered with books and art supplies, music will often be heard playing, a very wide variety at that.

abilities: Morcant is possessive of a few psychic powers, although he claims that his connection to his 'Psychic Matrix' is very weak, and he's basically 'all but useless', the full extent of his abilities may never be discovered. At this point, Morcant is capable of lighting fires, seeing a few seconds into the future with vague clarity, telekinetically lifting small objects, turning near invisible (slight haze can be seen a certain lighting) for roughly thirty seconds, alchemy (main source of income) and perfectly imitating any voice. Although it's dangerous, takes a lot of concentration and leaves him vunerable for a few days, he is capable of teleportation.

Morcant also appears to be capable of regeneration, and even reanimation, having been killed several times.

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