Modern Art
Modern Art during a containment breach

Character Name: Modern Art

Aliases: Metal Man, MA

Played By: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish

Position: Keter object

Description: 'Modern Art' is a 5 metre tall humanoid statue. It has gained sentience through unknown means. Modern Art will attempt to impale victims turning their internal organs into mechanical versions of their organic counterpart. These victims will attempt to capture people and bring them to Modern Art to be converted.
Modern Art's body is comprised entirely of steel, with no space at all inside for mechanical components. Modern Art should physically not be able to move or produce light and sound of any kind.

Victims of Modern Art

Notes: To contain Modern Art, powerful electro magnets are used to restrain it. Victims of Modern Art are terminated immediately. If Modern Art escapes the foundation is not able to slow it down by shooting it. They are however able to slow it down using tasers as electricity seems to affect Modern Art.
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