Mister Teddy

Name: Mister Teddy

Alias: None

Played by: Bright

Position: Best Friend, Confidant… and minion of unspeakable evil

Description: Teddy is a foot tall Teddy Bear, in dark brown on his arm and legs, light brown on his chest and head. While the majority of his body shows the typical lack of definition of a stuffed animal, his hand can still grasp things, and his mouth still opens and closes when he talks. His left arm is missing from the shoulder, replaced with a bronze arm, with a clawed hand that looks at odds with the rest of his body. His right eye ihas been replaced by a polished bronze sphere. He speaks in a thick russian accent

Background: Mister Teddy started life as just an ordinary teddy bear, loved by a young boy named David. However, David had a very special talent. He could bring his toys to life! However, being toys, their morals weren't exactly the best… David came to the Foundations attention when his toys killed his father, after the two of them had an argument. The majority of the toys were captured by agents of the Foundation, and David was sadly killed. Mister Teddy swore vengeance, and has been doing everything in his power to save other kids from the Foundation.

Teddy has made a deal with a very powerful creature know as Jaeger, and does its work in exchange for its power.

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