Name: Midnight

Player: Mister Flames

Description: Midnight is a small, black house cat with short, somewhat wiry fur and seven toes on each of her paws. Midnight's forepaws are especially dextrous for a cat, with her being able to hold objects much like a squirrel or raccoon, but still very limited compared to a human's hand. Her speaking voice is reminiscent of Julie Newmar's, with a slight New England accent due to her upbringing in Western Massachusetts. Oddly, her voice does not come from her mouth, but seems to come from no specific area of her body.

Statistics: Mass is 3.5 kg, height to shoulder is 20 cm, length is 40 cm, and tail length is 28 cm. Midnight is small but well-fed for a feral housecat.

Abilities: Midnight is a mage, the equivalent of a modern thaumatologist, and she is able to work a variety of magical effects. Due to the limitations of her paws, she typically does quicker spells that act like psychic abilities, such as telepathy, hallucinatory illusions, telekinesis, and clairsentience. Midnight can also perform some aspects of body shaping, mostly for healing but also she can make transitory effects upon herself to deal with a problem or obstacle. With assistance she can set up rituals for more powerful effects, but she prefers not to do so because of backlash and possible detection.

With the Hand, Midnight is primarily known as a Way Walker, an expert in finding and negotiating the Ways that serve as both shortcuts and back doors to the world at large. She also has an interesting ability in that she can do something like a short-ranged teleport, so long as she's unobserved at both points.

Naturally, Midnight's knowledge on both modern thaumatology and mystical lore would be doctoral equivalence, but it would be rather odd for a cat to get a diploma, were there places that even offer such. Midnight is reticent about where her knowledge comes from, but there are hints that she attended the American Campus of the International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology, due to her New England accent and recollection of a cat being on campus for a couple of years by both GOC and Serpent's Hand.

Midnight has amassed some wealth, but again she is reluctant to say how. She is said to have a safe house off of the grid for the Serpent's Hand, having lost another home to a Foundation raid three years ago.

Reputation: Midnight is well known in the Serpent's Hand and at the Wanderer's Library, and being sought by the Foundation for activities against them. She has had casual dealings with MC&D, and avoids GOC people because she is recognized as a para-threat.

Ideologically, Midnight identifies as a Tubman, a predominately North American group that work to free incarcerated and enslaved sapients from their captors. Midnight tends to be a bit more cautious about those she assists, due to having met some rather dangerous entities, but still believes that thinkers should be free.

Midnight also has a Tumblr that she uses for outreach as well as to blog about her experiences and encounters as a member of the Serpent's Hand.

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