Michael Sound

Name: Michael Sound

Alias: Mickey, The Barkeep, Finns

Played by: Samurai_Spork

Position: Bartender and Mixologist for MC&D, Information broker

Description: A thin man in his late twenties, His fair hair obviously well combed and styled to represent a certain degree of sleekness and professionalism, His jaw line is also impeccably shaved lacking any stubble or shadow at all. His dresses in standard bar tending attire, with certain MC&D flair.
A black waistcoat trimmed with a deep purple stitching lies above a faultlessly pressed dress shirt, the decorated with a purple bow tie and silver MC&D Cufflinks. His trousers are also well maintained and his dress shoes are polished to a shine.
He speaks with quite an upper class accent,although he can sometimes accidentally sleep back into his Manchester one.

History: Grew up in Manchester, where he worked as an Informant for the MC&D branch in Britain. Sound slowly worked his way up the MC&D ladder while also digging deeper into the cities underbelly slowly gathering a considerable amount of informants himself. By 25 he had caught the eye of some of the higher ups in the club and was tasked with forming a spy network in Quebec to dig up information on a smaller up and coming auction club also specialising in artefacts. Within a year through a combination of bribes and blackmail had acquired a significant amount of their stock, within three, with help from several other MC&D business experts and financial backers they were assimilated into the one of the Canadian MC&D branches.
Despite his field experience he has very little combat experience, barely knowing how to hold a gun.

When not in the field he is rented by a wealthy client to tend bar for a number of clubs and events, including auctions and galas for his bar tending which he took up as a hobby to deal with the stress of the job.

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