Michael Dorfer

Name: Michael Dorfer

Played By: Mister Fa

Nicknames: Foodie, Glutton,

Occupation: Freelancer

Affiliations: Serpents Hand

Features: German Caucasian, mid twenties, black, uncombed hair
Black eyes, small scars on hand, Glasses from near sighted, unshaven,
usually wearing jeans, worn out white running shoes,
white T shirt with a checker patterned shirt,
usually wears big brown jacket, closed over when outside
Slightly hyper active, can't shut his mouth when food is involved,
Interested in a lot of things, always tries to find way to apply them in cooking,

A Regular Visitor of the Library, Michael spends his time travelling different places. He is a freelancer, being hired for jobs such as information digging, or going to places and find certain requested objects.
Most of the time otherwise, he travels to distant places, trying to discover new things for his ever going quest for what is most important to man and himself: Food.

The first born in his family, he was supposed to take over his father's family business, having been taught computing and business most of his childhood up to his early 20's, even though he rather wanted to be a cook.

The first time he discovered the library was when a thief snatched his wallet, leading Michael to try and catch the thief. The thief escaped what seemed to be the backdoor to an abandoned building, which when Michael entered, was a lot larger on the inside than it seemed. After searching through, he learned that this wasn't the same building he originally entered, but the Wanderers Library.

With a few visits, Michael found a book which interested him, and wrote down one of the recipes for him to try out at home.
After his first recipe from the library didn't turn out to be a delicious bread spread, but instead bait for the attraction of what appeared to be a moose with fish fins and a beak, and the appearance of the foundation to try and catch the herd that has appeared, Michael quickly grabbed whatever he could get his hands onto, and sneaked out of the apartment, before the foundation would realize that this was caused by him.

Now with nothing left to return to, both because of the foundation probably keeping an eye on his old apartment, and having neglected his studies, which makes Michael fear his father's wrath, he now started his life anew, following his long sought passion, to find the next big discovery to satisfy his taste buds.

Skills and Traits:

Having forced him into multiple schools and ultimately into university, Michaels father wanted him to become a man capable of taking over the family computer business, disallowing Michael to choose any other path in life. In the end though, Michael had to flee his apartment when the foundation arrived, which lead to him never finishing university. Though Michael never liked his knowledge in computing, it has helped in well in certain job assignments that he has accepted in the couple of years he has spent in the library. It is also useful gaining access to information in certain disallowed areas of the web.

With a life long dream of becoming a cook, and an obsession developed from his father trying to keep him away from all things cooking, Michael has learned over the couple of years on how to prepare a variety of ingredients, both common to the public, and the ones hidden from sight. The books in the library helped teach him that knowledge, and the gathering of ingredients on his travelling helped him test his newly learned skill.

With all things, it is sometimes good to know more than just the taste of what one is gathering, especially when that something is a floating puffer fish with small bear arms. Many things are still undiscovered or poorly recorded, so knowing about it more is something that will always help out later.

Hardy Stomach:
The first time Michael gathered something he found written in one of the books in the library, he instantly went ahead and ate it. Multiple painful stomach cramps later, he learned that it is better to cook it than to simply eat it. And certain recipes he found can have greater effects that simply just good health. Though Michael still cooks ingredients to be edible for the average Joe, he certainly has an easier time now eating inedible substances not fit for the human stomach.

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