Victor "Vegas" Gamble

Player: Domotoro

Gathered Information:

Name: Victor "Vegas" Gamble

Affiliation: Chaos Insurgency.

Position: Marksman/Assassination specialist.

Demeanor: Quiet but with a firm voice not used often, he usually takes orders with no gripe or argument. He has tendencies bordering on extreme sociopath-ism, although it was never clear why he sometimes acts the way he does.

Description: Caucasian male, age 31, standing at a height of 5'11 with brown eyes, Black hair usually worn in a crew cut, and 5 o'clock shadow. Victor has one full sleeve tattoo on each arm, the left consisting of tribal tattoos that extends to his collarbone, while the right sleeve is made of various tattoos that match known Anomalous artifacts that the Chaos insurgency has in their possession, the Bell of Entropy, Hermes staff, etc.

Personal History:

From files that the Foundation has on Victor Gamble:
Born in ███████ New Jersey, October 9, 1983.
Father-Garth Gamble: Deceased
Mother-Diane Gamble: living in Meadow View Nursing Center, ███████ New Jersey: Health status- Declining due to Alzheimer's.
Victors father had missed his only sons birth, while out drinking in town with friends and was subsiquently divorced later due to his alcoholism and his long unannounced absences from home; it was later discovered that he was the cause of a highway pileup as he drove head on into traffic and died.
Growing up with only his mentally declining mother in the ghettos of New Jersey he became corrupted like many kids would usually become corrupted, violence, and hooked up with a local gang until the end of high school. After 'escaping' high school, he joined the Army as soon as he turned eighteen, in order to follow his childhood, and gang member friend. He gained his nickname 'Vegas' after his fellow recruits heard his last name being called out during basic training, followed by the drill seargeants heckling that joining the military was a gamble between life and death in the field.

His mother receives regular payments to pay for her stay, medication, and personal nurse. the checks that she receives usually contains an index card along with it with a phrase written in ballpoint pen: "Still looking out for you Moms, love, your boy."

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