Markus Stavinski

Character name:Markus Christoffer Stavinski

Aliases:Mark,Dr.Stavinski,Old Mark,Old Christoffer.

Played by:Markus Lloyd

Position:MTF Alpha-1 Member.

Weapons:Ruger LCP,normal SCP members on-duty titanium knife,Colt Python,M16,frag grenades,flashbangs.

Equipment:A heavy MTF combat suit,gas masks,Biosuits.

Appearance:Gray hair,a short gray beard,a black standard reinforced shirt,black reinforced pants and black reinforced boots,gray eyes.

Description:Markus worked for the MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" for a lot of time,altough he is quite old(58 years old),he still has a lot of vitality and stamina.

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