Dr. Mark Langley

Work in progress-ish? …Kinda…

Name: Dr. Mark Langley

Affiliation: The SCP Foundation

Clearance Level: Level 2

Age: 32

Education: Masters of Science in Robotics, Ph.D in Robotics

Physical Appearance: American. Caucasian, short black hair, brown eyes, wears glasses, clear signs of sleep deprivation (dark circles under eyes, eye bags, etc.)

Quirks: insomniac, caffeine addiction

Recruitment (abridged, obviously needs work): Mark has a doctorate in Robotics. In his spare time, generated a program and an AI that worked good an stuff. It was real neato. He wrote shit about it, like research papery shit. The Foundation looked at it and thought it was neato, too. They were like "DOOD COME RIDE ON OUR FUNBOAT" an he was like "lol ok." :I

Personality: A rather quiet individual, has little tolerance for incompetence and shenanigans while on the job. Is often irritable and prone to hallucinations due to his chronic insomnia. His apartment (or quarters if living on site) is messy and disorganized—vastly different to how he keeps his desk at work. On his days off, he tries to catch up on sleep or stays at home on his computer. He is frugal and has adapted to a diet of instant ramen despite having the money to buy more nutritious or varied foods. He is detail oriented and thorough. He enjoys his job, but sometimes devotes more time into it than he should, often staying up late and after hours to work on projects or some random nonsense side project. He is occasionally found in the break room downing several cups of coffee and sodas. He likes active electronic music like gabber and hardstyle, as long as it keeps him awake.

Yae-yuhhh! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ~ <3

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