Malcolm Farnsworth

Character Name: Malcolm Farnsworth

Aliases: Mr. Farnsworth

Played By: Kubeis

Position: Billionaire, member of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

Description: rather short, older looking man, who has thinning white hair and green eyes. Wears a tailcoat tuxedo when in public, carries a jewel encrusted cane and wears a masquerade mask that covers the majority of his face (to hide his wrinkles).

Personality: Malcolm is the kind of man that doesn't get angry, he always keeps his cool. He uses his money to get everything done. Will always plan 8 moves ahead, weather it be chess money or setting trap for those trying to steal his collectibles. Enjoys long walks on the beach, and silent auctions.

Background: Malcolm grew up living with a wealthy family. When he inherited the family fortune in 1886 he went into the coal mining industry, and the tripled the already considerable fortune. in the 1960s he came across Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. auction. At this auction he bought several anomalous objects, one of which reverted his age to that of a 20 year old, the object was useless afterward and he has been on a hunt for more ever since. Since then Malcolm has expanded his company beyond the borders of coal mining, going to business with other industries, such as entertainment, transportation, and manufacturing. He did this so efficiently that there are few businesses out there that doesn't have an executive working for him.

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