Character Name: Mach

Aliases: Raptor, Bird, Bird-boy, Bird Dinosaur, Feathers, Blue etc.

Played by: Bear-runBear-run

Position: An agent of the Neo-Dinosaurian Earth Trade Group, a close business associate with Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.

Description Mach is a Neo-Dinosaurian, an evolutionary and technologically advanced race of an unknown species of Velociraptorinae. Mach, like other Neo-Dinosaurians, has a more developed brain similar to that of a human, lack of a gender and several body and genetic modifications, as well as various cybernetic enhancements. It is 1.52 m tall and 5.53 m long. Its feathers are modified to change color with Mach's primary color being navy blue. Other body modifications include more useful longer arms. One of Mach's cybernetic enhancements is a mini computer chip installed into its brain with features such as telecommunication and GPS systems.

Mach, unlike many of its colleagues, does not have a xenophobic and/or condescending view and attitude towards humans making Mach suitable for the job of an NDET agent operating with human trade contacts such as MC&D. Mach is down-to-earth, practical and gets along with most of its colleagues although it prefers operating alone or in small teams. Mach usually only follows orders directly from the NDET senior members unless ordered otherwise.

Background: Born in █████, Earth ███ years ago, Mach had been working for the NDET since it was of age. Mach is currently living the 27th year of its ██th 'life' (most Neo-Dinosaurians must have their memories erased and bodies reverted to infancy every 100 years). Mach was assigned to work with MC&D ever since becoming an agent during his most recent 'life'. Mach's tasks include helping to oversee transactions between NDET and MC&D involving Neo-Dinosaurian products as well as to defend or recover certain important or rare NDET-owned items from destruction or containment respectively by outside forces.

-Hand-attached tasers with both lethal and non-lethal settings as well as long-range and short-range options

-Tail-attached blade able to morph into a whip for non-lethal situations

-Teeth coated with special gel to make them more resilient and penetrative

Mach is able to utilize all weapons with great skill.

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