Lucas Noel Rivers


Lucas Noel Rivers

Aliases: Lucky

Played By: Lost Stranger


Level 2 Specialized Researcher, auxiliary recovery agent


28 years of age, 5'8", thin, pale complexion, lightly freckled, hazel eyes, noticeable bags under eyes, dark blonde curly hair


  • Ceaselessly inquisitive, paranoid, overly-cautious(after becoming aware of the existence of [DATA EXPUNGED]), while still being very polite and overall friendly.
  • Possesses some artistic and musical talent, leading to his interest in 'aesthetically pleasing' SPC's and most art and music/ sound-related SPC's.
  • Suffers from a fear of failure: Atychiphobia. This leads him to be overly studious and extremely thorough in his research.
  • Trained in taekwondo consistently from 12 years of age and currently holds a 3rd Dan black belt.
  • Has a habit of waking up at ungodly hours to practice obscure scales, exercises and pieces on his violin.

*He is currently aiming to obtain level 3 security clearance to be allowed to research the more 'interesting' SCP's.


  • Born in Australia in 1990.

At the age of 27, he had completed a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology- focusing on evolutionary biology, a master's Degree in Paleontology and finally, a Doctorate in Paleontology. (Received Advanced Standing, reducing study time through field work and the like)
Throughout this period of time, he had been obtaining laboratory and field experience via museums and private organisations through ongoing expeditions and research programs.

  • During one of these expeditions, he came into contact with [DATA EXPUNGED] and mobile task force operatives and learnt of the Foundation.
  • Lucas joined the Foundation as a researcher primarily studying SCP's recovered from Paleontological expeditions, be it plants, animals and/ or other organisms.
  • Rivers was tasked to monitor and study specific instances of SCP-1265-A 'generated' by SCP-1265.
  • He has displayed great interest and enthusiasm in being assigned to SCP's that are able to adapt or evolve rapidly or provide the necessary conditions for other organisms to do so, such as SCP-███.
  • Also, despite his field of study, he was found to have particular interest in SCP's such as SCP-914, SCP-085 and SCP-067 and was tasked to monitor SCP-███ and document all creations of said SCP(per Rivers request for the task being granted).

He was enabled to become an auxiliary recovery agent to be used as support in the recovery of SCP's that are suspected to be able to evolve rapidly. (His 'expertise' has yet to be put to use in the field).
He has also requested to become involved in overseeing SCP-085; the request currently pending.
Subsequently, he has requested to be granted the materials and supervising 'officer' to design and construct functional mutes where applicable to add to the current containment procedures used for such SCP's as ███ due to him possessing some musical knowledge.

[Obtained the nickname 'Lucky' by narrowly avoiding interrupting the line of sight between the two SCP-███ statues(through stumbling, not attempting to get closer through his own volition) and regaining his balance just in time.]

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