Lt. John Morelli

Character Name: John Morelli

Callsign/Alias: Oxide

Played By: Dallio

Position: MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" Sniper, SCP Recovery Team Specialist, Counter-Insurgent/Intrusion Specialist

Description: Standing at six-foot-one and weighing in at just over 215 lbs., John's frame befits one of military training, and his demeanor that of a Special Forces operator. Naturally pale skin surrounds a pair of grey-blue eyes that are trained to watch his surroundings, his head topped by a single strip of shortly-shaven blonde hair following the length of his head.

His body is unadorned with markings, aside from his left forearm; the muscled arm is tattooed with a deep red ring of fire, starting from a third of the way from the wrist and reaching up to the elbow. Within the flames, a skull is drawn with black tally marks reaching all around his arm, totaling up to thirty-seven. Whether the tallies represent human kills or otherwise is not obvious.

His apparel rarely differs; Black fatigues, with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, and combat boots to match. Rather than a cap that is normally seen with uniforms, he settles for his boonie cap and normally wears the uniform regardless of his situation, unless it is imperative he be changed accordingly. When in his combat gear (That being the appropriate coverings for his torso, elbows, knees, etc.) he brings a small shemagh wrapped about his neck, one of his only memoirs of his life before the foundation.

His weapon, when present, is an M82A3 anti-materiel rifle: A weapon suggested he carry, in case the sheer firepower of the weapon would be needed to handle the less-than-normal targets of the Foundation.

Background: Born to an uninteresting family, in an uninteresting town, John ached for a life that made him feel significant. He refused to stay in his hometown, and knew that ne of his only ways out was through the military. By his 18th year, in 2004, he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps, and years alter found himself operating with MARSOC, the Special Forces area of the USMC. Shortly thereafter, he was particularly selected by the Foundation for his skills as an operator and a sniper.

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