Lt. Émile Favreaux


Played by: kreutzkevic

Hair colour: black, shading to grey at the temples.
Eye colour: blue
Complexion: fair
Build: slender, wiry
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 166 cm
Blood type: B-
DOB: 10th of February 1974
Languages: fluent English and French, basic understanding of Dutch.

Education: Lived a life of petty crime in the less salubrious areas of Paris as a young adult. Convinced to join the French Foreign Legion. Got hired by the Foundation after receiving several commendations, which caused an embedded operative to take notice.
Foundation position: Security Officer
Clearance level: 3
Classification: C
Assigned to: Site-19
Skills: Stealth, traps, advanced obstacle course training, close combat.


At first glance, Émile appears a well-composed man. His stance is graceful and measured, with not a single movement out of place. Moreover he seems very focused and aware of his surroundings.

If one looks closer, however, one can see a hardness in his eyes and a firmness to the set of his jaw which tell of a man used to get everything his way.

An improperly set broken nose and various scars on his face and hands are visible evidence of a turbulent past.

He usually wears a standard Foundation uniform, with the addition of a SPECTRA helmet, in drab and matted colours and always carries his trusty FAMAS F1 and a police baton.


Émile has proven to be a steady and committed worker, focused on fulfilling his duties, particularly when he is taking care of the needs of the Foundation. He has no need for the spotlight: he is more likely to be found behind the scenes, working loyally and diligently to fulfill his role.

This makes him a valuable asset to the Foundations’ resources.

However, he can sometimes be self-serving, pernicious and merciless in his dealings with other people. He has been known to take delight in small evils as long as this doesn’t harm the cause of the Foundation and then only if he can get away with it.


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