Sgt. Curtis Hartley

Character Name: Curtis Hartley
Aliases: Rookie, Curt, Shield, Block, Tubbsy, Big Boy, SCP-(Data Expunged (Still Attempting to write the SCP))-7, Punching Bag Hartley
Position: Staff Sargent - Mobile Task and Defense Force for Keter Containing Foundation sites - Retrieval Squad Member for new and/ or escaped SCPs - Staff security - Potential Class D subject replacement for testing - Mechanical Engineer - Interchangeable staff member under special circumstances, Perimeters including the health of Curtis Hartley both Mental and Physical.
Field of Expertise: SCP Handler Class Keter and lower - Containment Preparation/ Replacement and/ or removal
Clearance Level: 3 - Higher under certain Circumstances (Site Access) - 2 (Data Access)
Played By: Tubbsy1994

Description: Staff Sargent Curtis Hartley is 24 years age, stands at 5'6, Blue eyes. He has thin light brown fluffy hair reaching the base of his neck which droops throughout the course of the day. Facial features include rather puffed out cheeks, stubby nose, and all out rounded facial features resembling a toddler, to which he has acquired the nick name Big Boy as this would normal facilitate praise given to that of a baby via relatives. Being a rather large gentlemen, (only enticing the other staff members to match the nick name to Curtis) Curtis finds working on the front line of the SCP Foundation slightly more difficult than other staff members, be it because of his size or his condition. His precise bodily measurements, including waist, chest size and weight are un-obtainable as they seem to fluctuate by about 3cm, give or take an inch and about a pound for his weight, reasons for such anomalies are caused by (Data Expunged), the changes take a couple of hours or days to fluctuate in either direction of the set spectrum of weight and size we have currently recorded on record, these effects do not seem to effect Curtis in any way other than mild discomfort. Although Curtis is reasonably new to the foundation, he has been awarded the title or Sergeant for an act of bravery with a containment breach concerning SCP-173. Weapons training and hand to hand combat are mandatory throughout the positions to which Curtis wishes to maintain, yet he is still undergoing training, meaning that he is the first high ranking military rookie to become a part of the foundation as an SCP due to technicality alongside SCP-(Data Expunged)-11.

Background: (Data Expunged) Media covered with an alternative story, and Curtis has agreed to leave his former life behind under the condition of termination or permanent isolation

SCP-(Data Expunged (Still attempting to write the SCP))-7: Curtis is believe to have made contact with SCP-(Data Expunged) on a plane over the UK, just over Ireland on December 14th (Data Expunged). The result of this contact, believed to be SCP-(Data Expunged)'s collision with the aircraft resulting in the termination of all but 12 attendees of this flight throughout the time of impact till the time of the aircraft crashing, at this point 2 of the 12 effected died within the wreckage. Of the 10 surviving SCP-(Date Expunged)-3-12, 3 had to be terminated based upon their hostile nature, or their intent to resist containment, putting staff members life at risk, through the use of their new found, yet un-refined enhancements, including (Data Expunged). 2 of the 7 recovered SCP-(Data Expunged) were convinced to aid in the development of the SCP Foundation, given the choice of either permanent containment with privileges based upon conduct or to become a part of the foundation under the supervision of the foundation of course. From this decision both SCP-(Data Expunged)-7, Being Curtis Hartley and 11 (Data Expunged). Knowing the choice Curtis has made, he has become a valued member of the SCP Foundation knowing the alternative that always lies around the corner if he acts inappropriately or dangerously.

Abilities/ Enhancements of SCP-(Data Expunged)-6-12: Skin that seems to resemble the consistency of leather yet shows no alteration in appearance. Resulting in slight protective qualities in both hand to hand and ballistics capabilities in combat. Mild flesh regenerate and bone calcium density. The Muscle fiber density greatly exceeds that of any normal human being, allowing great strength for the subject in question, yet the effects are nullified by the extra density of the subjects cells due to (Data Expunged), meaning that the defensive capabilities outweigh the offensive. Combining these traits, Curtis Hartley can take tremendous amounts of damage and still survive, although at this time it is likely the subject is comatose but he will live the ordeal, unless the trauma proves to punishing, allowing Curtis to undergo his position as a Keter SCP handler as he is less at risk, making him less expendable than a higher Clearance level Personnel, and more dependable than a Class D subject for testing. Although Curtis agrees to his duties as a protector, maintenance staff member and test subject, he must still recover after certain ordeals that may leave him with massive trauma, it just means that he is safer in these situations than normal staff members because of his enhancements. Testing of SCP-(Data Expunged)-6-12 is still underway and ongoing due to the obscurity of the technology, physics and quantum mechanics in question, thus changing the Class of SCP-(Data Expunged) and its effectuates from Keter because of the first subjects hostilities, to Anomalous because of the lack of understanding in the studies and the tests.
Side Effects of SCP-(Data Expunged)-6-12: Size and weight measurement fluctuation based upon the BMI of the subject on a recurring 6 hour cycle. Migraines. Nausea. Forgetfulness. Seizure with varying levels of body temperature to extreme for life to exist within nor generate. Great amounts of energy dispersal at times including body heat. A general energy neutralizing dispersal from the body neutralizing the previous effects. origin of these abilities and the counter measures are still un-known, it is unwise to take either Curtis or SCP-(Data Expunged)-11 outside the SCP Foundation Sites without Clearance level 3 staff accompanying them, unless under extreme circumstances.

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