Linda Blaxell

Character Name: Linda Blaxell

Aliases: Miss Blaxell

Played By: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish

Position: An anomalous entity that so far has avoided containment by the foundation. She does not pose any sort of threat to anyone but is capable of breaching containment of multiple SCP's through unknown means.

Description: Roughly 25 years of age, Linda is a petite woman with long brown hair. Her voice matches her physique being quiet but not in a shy way. She is far from shy as she hosts "SCP Anonymous" which is in her own tangent universe.
Linda does not seem to want to harm anyone, she does not want to work for or against the Foundation, she seems to be interested in only everyone's happiness.

Background: The Foundation have attempted to capture Linda many times however she will retreat to her own tangent universe making it increasingly difficult to catch her. She has breached the containment of numerous SCP's causing her to become quite dangerous in the eyes of the foundation even when her intentions are not meant to cause harm.

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