Keith Scath

Character Name: Keith Sam Scath

Age: 44

Clearance Level:2

Aliases: KS, Scath, Dr.Scath

Played By: Rootbeerpants

Position: Weapons Researcher.

Description: Tall, Average body build, Green eyes, Ginger hair, Slight chin stubble, Always in his uniform.

Personality:Workaholic, Likes things to be clean,Happy for the most part unless disturbed from studies or sleep, Prefers doing hands on work.

Hobbies:Writing, Star gazing, Football.

Qualifications: Weapons Testing PhD, War Studies PhD.

Background:Dr.Keith Scath was born in London, England on 11/02/1970. He was raised by his dad after his mother died giving birth to him. When he was 15, his dad passed away. He was sent to a foster home where he mostly kept to himself due to the amount of bullies around. During this time he took interest in war and had a particular interest in the weapons both sides used and spent what little money he could get on war history books. While studying for his Weapons Testing Degree at university he did part time work at a lab as an assistant. He came out of university with a PhD in Weapons Technology and War studies and became a researcher at the lab. While here, he started to notice unusual events and looked into them. During his time at the lab he studied multiple cases about anomalous objects and events, taking a particular interest in events and objects related to war or weapons. When The Foundation got word of his work, they became interested and offered him a job as a weapons researcher.

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