Keefe O Hara

Name: Keefe O'Hara
Aliases: Paddy
Player name: Ard Ri
Age: 31

Ethnicity: Irish Celtic
Hair colour: Black (Greying)
Eye colour: Light blue
Skin tone: Pale Caucasian
Height: 5ft 7"
Notable features: Wears prescription glasses

Background: O'Hara was born in 1983 in Northern Ireland to two Roman Catholic parents named ████ ██████. During his childhood he was involved with the Irish Troubles which occurred at the time leading to a firm political identity and mild military skills. In 2004 he finished his education at Queen's College Belfast he joined the Irish Defence Forces as an Officer Cadet. After several years in the forces he was recruited into Ireland's G2 unit as a field agent for three years. During his period as a field agent he revived an employment offer from the Foundation as a field agent which he accepted. After he took up his position within the Foundation he was given a security position of Site ██.

Personality: O'Hara has a friendly demeanour towards his fellow employees, yet he has had some complaints for being too frank. He is also considered rather uncouth due to him not following a few social norms (Such as not smoking in the break room). Overall O'Hara is considered to be a kind man yet can be rather cold to interact with after a long period on patrol.

Position: Security guard at Site 23
Security clearance: Level 3

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