Joshua Bernard

Character Name: Joshua Alexander Bernard

Aliases: Joshie, Josh

Played By: Deffdredd1703

Occupation: Local DJ, looking for a permanent job

Description: 6 ft 4 "male", with rather feline attributes including a few large, white whiskers, elongated pupils and what appeared to be a very bushy tail normally hidden down his right trouser leg. Never his left. OCD thing.

Background: Josh was born on July 15th, 1983 in a small run-down area called Daventry. His parents were made immediately aware of the small hairy lump bulging from just above the boy's ass-crack buttocks by an emergency doctor who had had to replace the petrified nurses, who had no idea what to do.

His mother accepted the difference after only a few minutes, deciding to raise the child as if he was any other. His father, however, filed for a divorce only two days after the birth and traveled to the island of Abaco in the North of the Bahamas, where he later died of an untreated poisoning from eating the "10th barracuda". (The 10th barracuda refers to the fact that 1 in 10 barracudas are poisonous, so the unlucky person gets "the 10th barracuda")

On his 4th birthday, Josh had already developed small white whiskers and a fluffy, half-metre long tail. His friends at the time took no notice, although a few of the parents banned their children from playing with him in fear that Josh was "the devil's spawn". Josh's mother had quickly explained to him that "some people are different, just like you (Josh). He had brushed that off to the side, continuing his life as a normal 4 year old boy.

By the age of 15, Josh's pupils had started to narrow, his tail had gotten longer and bushier, his whiskers had doubled in length and he had developed the abnormal ability to command cats. Other teenagers at Josh's school had pointed these facts out to him, but again Josh passed it off as normal. Three days after his 16th birthday, Josh was expelled from the school after attacking another pupil who had accidentally trodden on his tail. Josh decided to give up on his education as it had been getting harder for him to blend in with his peers and instead become a DJ. He borrowed £100 from his mother to buy himself a DJ deck and practiced hard for three years.

Josh finally built up enough confidence to apply for a space in a local club that went by the name of "The V", and was accepted to play his first gig in March, 2002. His performance was a huge hit, as well as his prominent feline features (he had convinced everyone that they were fake and a part of his act). Suddenly, 20 year-old Josh was being driven around the local towns, performing here and there, earning himself a fair few thousand pounds.

But, in 2009, Josh was assaulted by one of his "biggest fans" a few hours after a performance. The fan stabbed him in the leg and shoulder, as well as ripping out fourteen whiskers and skinning his tail. Josh was found three hours later by a wandering Library associate and was quickly rushed to a mystical place, just behind a small wall under a collapsed bridge.

When his true fans realised that he wasn't a normal human being and had not had the feline features surgically implemented, Josh was called a disgrace and a failure, even though he had apparently disappeared off of the face of the Earth. Josh had actually been taken into the strange place known as The Library, where he now spends his time translating books written in the ancient form of Felis, a type of hieroglyphics that correspond to varying high-pitched sounds (one of the languages he had learned in the Library) that only feline-like creatures can understand.

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