Dr. Nikitovich
Joseph, Shortly After First Transformation

Character Name: Doctor Joseph (Alexander) Nikitovich

Aliases: Joseph, the reason I drink, golden eye, red star, The other Doctor, Commie bastard, get the hell off of this planet, THE LORD MASTER OF ALL.

Played By: Klego

Birth Date: October 10, 1979

Current Location: Site-19

Clearance: level 4

Qualifications: PhD from the Moscow State technical university, 19 years of experience

Affiliations: The SCP foundation (occupation) with standing social connections to the GOC

Height: 1.9812 meters

Position: site chemical & mechanical researcher OF EVIL!


  • 37 years old
  • about average body type, not tall, not short, not thin, not fat. just… average.
  • chestnut brown messy hair & a fairly scraggly beard
  • pale skin
  • gunmetal blue eyes
  • usually wearing a pair of large rimmed glasses (hipsters…) labcoat, some form of T-shirt, black cargo pants and combat boots
  • Has The Ability to turn into a Different breeds of dog (on record it has been a Tibetan mastiff, a German Shepard, a shiba inu, it is random each time), it has yet to be determined how, but seeing as he has had no knowledge of this effect in past times (before he worked for the foundation),it is safe to assume that it has come from working with as many anomalous effects as he has.

Background: Eccentric and Bubbling with enthusiasm, Nikitovich was approached some time in 1997 for achievements in the field of biochemistry, and has since been left to study several SCPs, at this time he has held studies on SCP-212, SCP-217, SCP-261, SCP-294, SCP-2228 (but usually not directly), and many more. he has been offered a personal laboratory at many points, but has refused because "I like to Move around." and instead has been given an office, which has now been left in a state of clutter, and is to be used as storage for papers and different inventions.

Nikitovich is often called upon to solve problems and study artifacts, he is usually busy, but when he is not, he can be seen in the cafeteria, talking with site personnel.

Notable Creations/products of research

  • gloves that erase all genetic features that may have corrupted the sterility of the gloves
  • GUN LITERALLY MEANT TO DO NOTHING OTHER THAN SHOOT CONFETTI this is not notable, we don't need to know what you do during the weekends. what if I make it shoot acid? no, that is a terrible idea.
  • a clay like material used as a chemical stimulant, releasing small doses of Dopamine, used as a stress relief within the foundation
  • a series 1 inch of magnetically charged steel alloy cubes which do simple things such as projecting images, or acting as something akin to a piston, with plans for some "greater cause" count currently at 78.
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