Josef Harold Price III

Character Name: Josef Harold Price III

Aliases: N/A

Played By: DrThorn

Description: Not much is known about Josef, he wears stilts, colored contacts, hair dye, fake facial hair, real facial hair, and other disguises to hide his identity. The only identifying mark is the name. It is believed that he doesn't care about being known, only being recognized. All that's really know is that he is male, and even that only comes from the name.

Background: Josef was born in Dryden, Canada, or Bucharest, Romania, depending on where you hear the story. Sometimes even Brisbane, Australia. He is a distributor of anomalous objects, but claims to be an 'Anomalous Engineer' who makes these objects himself. It has been observed by the Foundation that he has bought at least fifteen anomalous objects which he went on to claim as his own; however, he has produced anomalous objects from seemingly nowhere at times, the mechanism for doing this is unknown. The Foundation has tried to capture him four times before, but has escaped each time due to the use of an anomalous object.

There are three different places of birth he has claimed, Dryden, Canada, Bucharest, Romania, and Brisbane, Australia. He distributes anomalous objects by selling them to the highest bidder. Usually this is Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. The objects are rarely made with the intent to cause harm, but such objects are not unheard of from him either. He claims to be an 'Anomalous Engineer' who makes his own anomalous objects and sells them. However, of the Foundation tracked sales, he has bought 29 of the 74 anomalous objects he has made and claimed them as his own (39%). Additionally, 3 of the anomalous objects he has sold were once owned by the Foundation, but have left custody.

There have been four attempts to capture him, three times by the Foundation and once by the Chaos Insurgency. Each time has met with heavy resistance and resulted in him escaping with few casualties, civilian or otherwise.

His current location is a cabin outside Bergen, Norway.

In 2005, Doctor Wondertainment (company) attempted to sue Josef for copyright infringement, but the Foundation intervened before the world was exposed to anomalous objects.

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