Jonathan Marks

BioDtect Personnel Database

File #: 0023

Name: Jonathan Marks

Rank: Dtector

Designation: D-23

Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Personal Background: Jonathan Marks was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. His father, Randall Marks worked secretly as a Bio-Op for the BioDtect BioDefense Organization.. Jonathan established a strong bond with his father at a young age and looked up towards Randall as a role-model. During his teenage years however, Jonathan saw less and less of his father who had immersed himself in his work, yet was unable to tell Jonathan his true job. On June, 25th 2003, the notorious "Chrysalis Incident" at BioDtect's Green Meadows Facility occurred. An unknown chrysalis locked in Sector 13 hatched and decimated the Bio-Op team deployed down to the sub-level. Randall Marks was listed as one of the personnel MIA. Due to the sensitivity of his work, Jonathan Marks's family was told that his father died in the line of duty during a bomb plot.

Jonathan Marks finished college and attended the Royal Military College of Canada. He received basic weapons training as well as reconnaissance training. Because he displayed a hint of his father's observation skills and prowess, BioDtect found him best suited in the role of the Dtector Corps. After he graduated military college BioDtect approached him with a job offer which he accepted wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, not knowing of his father's actual previous employers. Once inside BioDtect, he was subjected to 3 years of intensive training and passed with satisfactory results. On completion of his Dtector training he was given the designation Dtector D-23.

Jonathan Marks has a mother who lives in Atlanta, Georgia as well as a 14 year old sister. All his family members are under close surveillance as well as himself under orders of the BioDtect Director O'Brien.

Personality: Jonathan Marks is an honest person whom often contemplates the ramifications of his actions deeply. He has a sense of Justice and believes that the world is a fair and equal place for all. He can often be stubborn and refuse to accept values which he doesn't believe into. As a result this has led to some conflicts during his time as a Dtector. He's nervous when encountering situations which he's not used to and is shy around others due to his time under an authoritarian figure. He won't hesitate however to commit or even sacrifice himself to a cause which he himself believes in. He wishes be looked up to for his family and most importantly his father's legacy. The more he see's of BioDtect's methods and machinations, the more he begins to question his true loyalties and whether they truly lie with the organization which unbeknownst to him, was partially responsible for his father's death. Eventually, Jonathan will have to stand up for himself and overcome his inner demons to find his true self.

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