Dr. Jonathan Duprat

Character Name: Dr. Jonathan Duprat

Aliases: John, Jono, J.D.

Played by: Ekson14

Job: Biological Researcher

Position: Level 2

Description: Height 6'5", Black hair, wears TMX Glasses

Age: 31

Attitude: Very friendly, but can be sensitive

Background: Born in Birmingham, Alabama. Had no parents and was an orphan. He was very ambitious, as a teenager and was able to raise enough money through a fundraiser so he could go to college. He was finishing his studies to get a doctorate in biology. After an interview with a member of staff of the college, he was transferred to MIT to finish his studies. Later on he was interviewed by a Foundation talent scout, and after being tested for a couple months, he accepted. He is currently working as a biologist for the Foundation. He studies SCP's that display organic material as part of their anatomy. He sometimes is found studying mechanical engineering in his spare time. His hobbies at the Foundation are reading, playing board games with other employees, and spending time on the internet (a lot). He is now studying several anomalous objects to see if they reach the classification as an SCP.
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